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House of Delegates candidate Barry Bledsoe is shown some of the processes which take place in the House Chamber, by Tim Armstead, Minority Leader.

Welcome to the campaign website for Barry Bledsoe.

Hello and thank you for visiting this site, which is designed to let you know where I stand on issues. People should vote for candidates based on what the candidate stands for, not just the name recognition. At the same time, I encourage you to contact me with YOUR concerns, so that I know what you want to see changed in West Virginia! As such, I do not hesitate to give out my phone number and email address, as I want to be easily accessible to all citizens, at all times. My personal cell phone number is 304-692-6900. Or you can contact me at one of the following email addresses: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Let me be blunt. If you have NEVER complained about the way things are in WV, then honestly you should keep voting just the way you have been. If you are happy with the position that West Virginia occupies on various rankings and lists, don't change a thing! But, if you are not satisfied that West Virginia ranks dead last in reports such as this StudentsFirst.org study, which ranks WV education as the 48th worst education system in the nation, and is one of only seven states in the nation to receive a failing grade, then you need to seriously consider how you plan to vote!  Do you want to maintain the status quo?  If you vote for those who have been in office for years, and have been part of the problem, which allowed things to get to this point, nothing will change!  Or, maybe it will continue to get worse!

Is this OK with you? Or do you want to make a change? Your current delegates will tell you how much they are doing for West Virginia. But the proof shows otherwise! Why is our population continually declining? Is it because our children have to leave the state to find work? Why are we projected to have a $315,000,000 budget deficit next year? Who is the only group of people who can take the blame for this? The same people who have been at the helm of our state for years!

If you are not happy, then you need to look at candidates who promise to do things differently than they are being done now. I am that candidate! I promise to communicate with you, rather than just showing up to wave at you during a parade. I promise to hold town hall meetings DURING the legislative session, to let you know what bills are being presented, and to hear your views while the bills are being debated in Charleston. I promise to be available at all times, and to listen to all sides of an issue.

If you want to know more about what I stand for, go to the "What are the Issues" page of this site. There you will see that I will fight for the lives of babies. I will fight to ensure that the government never tries to take guns out of our hands. I will fight to make sure that our GOD given right to defend ourselves are not restricted. This includes my desire to do away with the "Concealed Carry" permits required now. I don't believe that the government should be allowed to give us "permission" to carry a weapon to defend ourselves. I will fight to protect the industries which provide jobs for our citizens, and to make West Virginia more enticing to other business that may look to locate here.

Folks, it is time for change. Let's make it right! The time is now! Vote for me on election day, and please consider helping my campaign financially, or by working with us to get the word out.

Thank you!


Our judicial system is broken. Our education system ranks dead last in the nation.
Our business climate must be changed to entice business into West Virginia,
We can do better! I have the experience, dedication and drive
to make me the best candidate to represent
YOU in the House of Delegates!